How is HR Technology Influencing Recruitment at Every Stage?

It is rightly said that talent makes or breaks the organization. The right talent makes the difference. Thus, it becomes the responsibility of recruiters to choose the right fit who can contribute to the company’s growth. Using technology in hiring candidates is a common trend these days. In fact, recruitment and HR technology go hand in hand.

What is HR Technology?     

HR technology assists the recruitment process with the help of online tools and software. The main aim of technology is to automate processes which include sourcing, recruiting and retaining candidates. It eliminates the practice of paper filing and manual processing and brings automation in place.

Role of HR Technology at Each Stage of Recruitment

Using recruitment software or other related tools can make the life of hiring managers easy. Here is how HR technology helps recruiters at every stage of recruitment.

  • Screening Resumes

The first step while hiring a candidate is to sort out resumes and shortlist the relevant ones. But managing a flood of resumes itself is a daunting task. It is not practical for the recruiters to go through every single resume, read the skills, experience, qualifications, etc. and make a shortlisting choice. This manual processing of resumes consumes a lot of time of recruiters. At times, recruiters miss out on quality resumes too because of the haphazard process.

Technology comes to the rescue of recruiters by cutting down the boring, lengthy and herculean task of sorting out resumes. With a resume parser software, it becomes easy to know about a candidate. A parser helps in extracting data from candidates’ resumes and save it in data fields. There are separate fields for name, education, skills, experience, etc.

Another common challenge is finding relevant matches for resumes/jobs. You might hire a candidate, but he does not join your company. What will you do in this case? Go through the tedious process of shortlisting resumes again? No, you do not have to do this. Semantic match provides similar recommendations for resumes and jobs. With a few clicks, you will get matching resumes having the same skills mentioned in the resume you chose initially.

Recruiters can also find quality candidates from their old resume database. Resume enrichment updates candidates’ profiles with the help of their social profiles. Thus, enrich your resumes and revive the idle resume database.

  • Interviewing Candidates

Traditional interviews need to change. Technology is introducing new concepts in interviews to facilitate a positive candidate experience.

Video interviews are a quick way of assessing if the candidate is the right fit for the company. The best part about it is that the candidate does not have to travel to the office location to give an interview. Thus, you can take interviews of candidates sitting in the other state.

Text messaging is also gaining popularity. As candidates use mobile phones quite often, send text messages to schedule interviews.

57% prefer text messages over emails for scheduling interviews.

Source: iCIMS

Casual Meetup is another way of interviewing the candidates. Companies invite candidates to a restaurant or a café for a conversation. This takes the candidate away from the formal environment of the office and makes him/her feel relaxed. Recruiters judge candidate’s behavior on various parameters such as the way they deal with the café staff, how they react to a made-up situation, etc.

  • Onboarding

This is the last step of recruitment. Onboarding of a candidate requires a lot of paperwork. Filling up forms is also tiring for the candidates. And processing them demands a lot of time of recruiters. The entire process of onboarding needs to get automated.

Use an applicant tracking system and streamline this process. Candidates do not need to fill in all the details again if their application details are already stored in the ATS.

Why Are Recruiters Adopting HR Technology to Streamline Recruitment?

Check out the reasons why HR Technology is beneficial for recruitment:

Save Time

Technology shortens the hiring time by automating the recruitment process. You do not have to waste your time in sorting out resumes one by one.

Smart Talent Acquisition

As relevant resumes get shortlisted quickly, they provide quality candidates. Recruiters do not have to waste time on irrelevant resumes.

Close Jobs Quickly

As technology speeds up the recruitment process, recruiters can fill up the vacancies in no time. With this task completed, they can concentrate on other business activities.

Real-time Parsing

A parser parses a resume in real-time which means in a few seconds. This makes it easier to parse multiple resumes in one go.

Technology is the perfect choice when it comes to reducing human efforts. Make efforts to automate as many tasks as possible to increase your productivity and efficiency. With increasing workload and pressure to hire quality talent, technology is the right solution for recruiters to streamline their recruitment process.

About the Author:

Lovepreet Dhaliwal works with a leading resume parser provider which helps in speeding up your recruitment process. An MBA in HR and marketing, he has over six years of work experience in business development and strategic sales.