About the SCM-Manager Software

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The SCM-Manager offers full control over your source code management and offers everything that DevOps teams need.

With SCM-Manager you manage your source code for Git, Mercurial and Subversion in your own infrastructure. Completely free thanks to our open source approach. The SCM-Manager is a lightweight and flexible solution with a lot of benefits. The most important benefits are listed down below:

  • 100% open source under MIT license:
    SCM-Manager is free for commercial and personal use – regardless of the size of your team.
  • No unnecessary weight:
    The lean core of the SCM-Manager is fully focused on its core task: Support for your repository hosting and repository management.
  • Independence:
    You do not need any external dependencies such as extra data bases or additional webservers.
  • Integrations and Plugin extension:
    You can easily connect the SCM-Manager to existing systems (e.g. project management software or CI/CD pipelines). Over 50 plugins enable target-oriented new functions for your SCM-Manager, e.g. for workflow-controlled code reviews. Integrate tools like Jenkins, Jira, Redmine, PlantUML, Prometheus Metrics, Secure Code Warrior or Central Authentication Service (CAS) by using the plugins. For example you can integrate Jira as a ticket system to retain an overview of all your team activities.
  • Free platform choice:
    No matter if Linux, Windows, macOS or container – a convenient installer prepares your instance in no time.
  • Community Support:
    In the SCM-Manager community forum at myCloudogu you can discuss issues or bug reports or share your interests with other users.
  • Documentation:
    The SCM-Manager documentation describes the usage and administration. It is available in English and German and offers you detailed information about the installation, development or user-oriented settings.
  • Rich User Interface:
    The SCM-Manager offers a good looking user interface. You have the opportunity to change contrast modes from bright to dark colors to improve digital accessibility and to meet your own demands of design preferences.
  • Browser Code Editor:
    The SCM-Manager offers you a browser code editor to manage and edit your code.


You can find a download link and more information about the SCM-Manager on Please feel free to explore more about the SCM-Manager tool.

The SCM-Manager is powered and supported by the Cloudogu GmbH. Cloudogu offers solutions for custom-made DevOps toolchains, trainings or IT consulting. If you are interested you can reach the website by clicking here.

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