The SCM-Manager offers full control over your source code management.

With SCM-Manager you manage your source code for Git, Mercurial and Subversion in your own infrastructure. Completely free thanks to our open source approach.
The SCM-Manager is a lightweight and flexible solution with a lot of benefits. The most important benefits are listed down below:

  • 100% open source under MIT license

SCM-Manager is free for commercial and personal use – regardless of the size of your team.

  • No unnecessary weight

The lean core of the SCM-Manager is fully focused on its core task: repository management.

  • Quickly extendable

Over 50 plugins add target-oriented new functions, e.g. for workflow-controlled code reviews.

  • Simple integration 

Easily connect the SCM-Manager to existing systems (e.g. project management software or CI/CD pipelines).

  • Free platform choice

No matter if Linux, Windows, macOS or container – a convenient installer prepares your instance in no time.

To view more information about the SCM-Manager please feel free to visit the website on

Weitere Eigenschaften
Private Cloud on-premises (eigener Server)
geeignet für
Kleinunternehmen (<50 Mitarbeiter)
deutsch englisch
Mobile, Open Source, Free Software
Open Source basierte Software
Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie